Praxis Product Design is a partnership combining design and engineering expertise. Paul Warrington has 30 years’ experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer in a range of industries. Over the same period, Industrial Designer Sandy Grant, has worked with some of the country’s top design consultancies. Together, with our network of associates, we design usable products that work well, appeal to customers and are capable of easy manufacture.

If you need assistance in your product design to manufacture process - Praxis Product Design provides end-to-end support, covering functional, usability and aesthetic design aspects. We can fill in the gaps or provide a more general product champion role. You can bring us in at any stage but, we deliver the most value if you involve us from the outset.

If your team is fully occupied in the here and now - Praxis Product Design can generate ideas, thinking creatively and planning ahead of immediate needs while you focus on the core business. Our clients trust our integrity and know that we deliver the best possible solution for both shorter and longer term needs.

If your product's competitive edge needs a boost - Praxis Product Design runs design evaluations to help products meet their true market potential. We assess all aspects of design with commercial and operational rigour. And with our cross-industry experience, we can recommend open innovations from other markets, which may prove transformational in yours.

If you need to get the whole organisation behind your product - Praxis Product Design offers seasoned commercial consultancy. We work with everyone from marketing to technical and production staff to give your product the support it needs through business-critical periods.

If you’re running a product design project with tight budgetary constraints - Praxis Product Design is a cost-effective partnership, with simple and flexible processes and low overheads. We show early and often so our design projects run efficiently, avoiding those costly wrong turns.




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